September 17, 2021 4:16 am

Consider These in B2B Internet Marketing

Is content marketing with B2B different from the scenario in B2C? There are differences and similarities between both clients, and those factors should be carefully looked into by a person running marketing campaigns particularly for a B2B client.   The thing about B2B marketing, even online, is that the practices we would be most familiar with as they are carried on in traditional advertising and marketing may not apply here though they may do in B2C online marketing. Thus, there needs to be extra caution when practicing B2B online marketing.

Here are three factors that would be applicable most of B2B online marketing:

Give importance to a positive brand image.

Publishing quality content for a B2B site is important because although this content should not really be promotional in nature (as opposed to B2C content marketing), it becomes a marketing tool for the enterprise. Quality content distinguishes a B2B enterprise as an entity that is focused on the positive client experience and maintaining relations more than other factors like profit.

Unifying digital platforms.

It is a challenge or a lot of B2B marketers to produce a sufficient amount of content for its client. This is because the type of content that would work on B2C sites, like product highlights and benefits to personal consumers may not be used in a business that sells to other businesses. By putting the focus on SEO, B2B Internet marketing service companies may discover that regular business blogging may provide content that can be promoted via different social media outlets. Using digital platforms to cross promote content means there would be no lacking in what to post. Moreover, content re-purposing can also work in this scenario, provided that the content shared on one social media platform can be tweaked so that it would be perfect for use on another platform. For example, a straight article to be shared on Facebook can be summarized in picture form and shared on Instagram.

Future trends should be given attention.

Studies reveal that by the year 2020, close to 85% of customers would be able to complete a transaction without having to interact with another human being. Not only that, a few years after 2020, this is should already be the norm of transactions. This is exactly what SEO and content marketing is about. There is less human intervention in optimizing and marketing content, and therefore, it would be wise to invest in these trends as they will become the norm in a few years. Traditional advertising would still be there, but would definitely share a large portion of the spotlight to Internet marketing. B2B online businesses are expected to grow more, which is why it is more practical for those with B2B clients to invest talent and money on SEO and content marketing practices.

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