September 17, 2021 2:03 am

Kidney Donation and Saving a Life

Do you know more than 4,500 people die every year waiting for a kidney? It seems like many unwanted deaths when people like you and I can help them. You only need one kidney to survive, so why are more people to donate a kidney volunteer them? I know there are many people who can’t. If you have genetic diseases, high blood pressure, kidney stones, or other dilemmas, you may be disqualified. But there are millions of us out there who can but don’t have kidney donations.

I recently talked to my sister about this, because I have registered to donate the kidneys at He said he would not consider it, because what if his son needed one in the future. My reply to him is, “What if I walk across the road tomorrow and get hit by a bus.” My point is what if … we can ask those questions all day and all night. We will never have the right answer from what might or will happen.

According to the procurement network and organ transplantation, more than 80,600 people are in the list for kidney transplants, and the amount that requires kidneys has risen 86%, while only 31% accept the kidneys. That’s 55% of people who don’t get a kidney. That’s 55% of our people, you and me, can save.

I realized it was a sacrifice to hand over something … an organ … to someone you don’t know. I realized that it handed over something, partly, from who you were. But really you give someone something far more. You give someone, a mother, grandfather, a child … life. What better gifts can you give to someone? Absolutely nothing.

Consider you need a kidney … Consider your sister, father, grandmother, niece, or child needs a kidney, but you don’t fit. Your brother, mother, grandchild, none of them are suitable. There is no one in your family that matches one person you love more than others … Other people. But no one you know matches them … Nothing you know can’t done.

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