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Winter Tyres Are Safer and Worth Considering india

Garages and auto centres have noticed a massive increase in snow tyre sales this winter. last winter people were slow to react in the bad snow that fell over most of the North East of England and most of Scotland. Many motorists were getting stuck on icy side roads, because the local councils did not grit. This lead to people been late for work, school closures and many business meetings were missed and cancelled However some motorists took the advice of some experts, who commented that, “motorists are becoming much more safety conscious”and “have bought new snow tyres this winter for the first time”.

This proved to be a great success, motorists are beginning to discover the great advantage of snow and winter tyres in bad weather situations. MRF Tyres Dealership  Indeed garages and tyre dealer began to see the motorists complimenting them on how good these type of tyres really were in snow. They were getting to places they never have attempted before. The Halifax/Bradford areas are very hilly from the city centres outwards. This makes driving in heavy snow very difficult.

This winter 2010 / 2011 has proved to be worse than last winter and indeed November has been breaking records for the coldest and the amount of snow fall, indeed in South Yorkshire the snow reached depths of two feet in some areas stranding many motorists, the only people who could move had either 4×4 s or were fitted with winter tyres.

I was over the Moon however to witness a big change in the public’s opinion regarding snow tyres and very soon after the first snow fall the phones at most garages and auto centres were going on to overload and the country began running out of tyres.

This was great news for the tyre industry, but also great news for road safety at last the motorists have taken notice of their friends and experts. Many garages and tyre dealers have some stocks of snow tyres but stocks are very low so telephone or go online to see what you can find. Remember this is only the beginning of winter and so snow or winter tyres will be a good investment.

Motorists from all over the country were bestowing the advantages of changing to winter tyres from summer tyres for the winter months. It looks like the penny may have dropped, indeed many car owners are also thinking about a set of spare wheels with snow tyres fitted. This seems to me to make the most common sense thing to do, you could go to a breakers yard for a set or pair of used wheels to keep the cost down.

This is the most effective way for using winter tyres and you would probably make a set last three winters or more by changing them for your summer tyres from say November to March. Some tyre dealers have started storing customers winter tyres or wheels over the Summer months, some for a small fee others may do it for free, it may be worth asking, especially for those living in flats or without a garage.

As mentioned before I have had many customers telephoning me to thank me for the advice I have given them about fitting snow tyres, one lady customer was so pleased that she came back and wanted a set fitting to her mothers car she was so impressed. However the sting in the tail is that suppliers started to inflate prices due to demand especially internet companies from the continent. Prices in the last few weeks have doubled and indeed put the price out of reach for many motorists especially with smaller cars, silly when safety is at stake, perhaps next winter people should start buying their tyres at the end of summer when prices are not much different to summer tyres.

I suspect by now most motorists know what the difference is between winter and summer tyres, but I am going to tell you anyway. Winter tyres are made to give more flexibility they are made of different compounds and operate at much lower temperature. Most tyre makers now include silica in their compounds, this enables the winter tyres to operate at much lower temperatures and retain their suppleness in adverse conditions, summer tyres become hard like plastic, making the tyres loose their elasticity and therefore grip. Some tyre makers, have tried adding grit to their compounds to help create a safer winter tyre. Winter tyres have also different tread patterns these are usually more of a block pattern with larger centre groves to dissipate the water and slush, the blocks give you more surface but do not clog up with snow due to the spaces between the blocks, they also have many tiny slits known as sipes, these sipes also help to dissipate the slush and water that can clog up your tyres.

Winter tyres have now become much more sophisticated. Many tyre companies have made winter tyres to a very high standard. This was necessary to comply with other European countries that witnessed snow every winter and the need for say a German motorist to be able to drive his sports car at great speed down the Autobahn to go skiing in Austria or Switzerland on the same tyre. Tyre technology advanced in leaps and bounds. Silica was added to able the rubber compounds to become much more flexible at lower temperatures. This advance is now used by most of the leading tyre companies and this combined with computer enhanced tread design has enabled manufacturers to produce a winter tyre that is silent on motorways yet very effective in heavy rain, snow and ice. Snow and winter tyres in my opinion are one of the greatest advances for the motorist of our time and are a great contribution to road safety, something all vehicle owners should consider, especially buying them at the right time before the price doubles again or indeed before supplies run out.

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