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Potty Training a Boy – Got Any Tips?

Is Life Only A Carrousel?

The ultimate challenge of life is being born a boy. From the beginning there are all kinds of annotations that a boy has to overcome, like right out of the womb there is, “Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.” It must have been a woman to hung such a label on a little boy. Puppy dog tails, my word, don’t they know they have possibly scared the very core of every boy alive? Well anyway, it’s all a bunch of hogwash because boys are the future leaders and defenders of the family and all that it stands for, well anyway that’s what the girls let them think.

Horse play is to be expected.

It’s true that when boys are boys a certain amount of horse play is expected but it’s all the good accounting of boyhood. Play Boy Job There is a time, just before a boy becomes a man where he may become a little mischievous, he can’t help it, it’s in his nature. How can you enjoy being a boy if you don’t stir things up a little or at least keep the people around you guessing at what you’re going to do next. And what the heck, why not? How can a boy experience boyhood without being a boy? It’s the nature of the beast!

The girls will tame them in time.

The girls and mothers of the world may attempt to tame the boys but it is to no avail for boys are quite untamable. Their wondering minds seek adventure for the pure excitement in it. It doesn’t mean it has to make sense, it just has to get the adrenaline flowing. Quite frankly boyish things lead to manly accomplishments. Where else are you going to get on-the-job-training for manhood? To the ladies it may seem quite disturbing but deep down they love the wickedness in the boys. It’s a tradition after all, set forth by those adventurous boys of the past, a legacy that must be upheld, you know, king of the hill, leader of the pack and all that sort of thing.

Boys may be wild and smelly but they are always up for the challenge. Believe it or not they are not born to disrupt the whole of society or to aggravate female’s lives, they do have a more challenging part to play. fixguider Boys who cross into men become the pillars of the community, the heads of the family and the captain’s of industry. Make no mistake, the most prominent of men are still little boys . . . underneath.

Boys keep trying to be free.

There are time when the strength of men becomes challenged like when looking straight into the eyes of a gorgeous woman, all good sense goes to the knee as they get all rubbery and a shortness of breath sets the mind into a query. The mind reverts to, “me man, you woman” stupid mentality. Men can’t help it, when women comes around they simply melt into a blob of jelly.

Of course a boy would not be a boy if he could not figure a way around the worst of situations. As a man he is stern and powerful, to women he is a puppy dog and masseur of the feet. All men know women love puppy dogs and having their feet massaged so men use these weaknesses to, yes get around sticky situations.

No use it’s doom for the boys

Alas the man becomes caught in the middle, King of the boardroom, lamb of the bedroom the twist of life is unsettling at very least. Confusion sets in and the man begins to flounder. Just a little at first, like a small earthquake, hardly noticeable then, bam the big one hits. One day he wakes up and he is only a shell of a man and his foundation has been shaken into little pieces. He no longer thinks for himself, his adventurous spirit is subdued and age has taken its toll. The kids are grown and silence has taken their place. A belly is drooping over his belt and he feels more lost than ever. He has a hard time now, holding his head up, for pride left him years ago.

He sees the young boy in the park and weeps for his future. There will be good times as well as bad and time will march on without pity for those left behind. He longs to be a boy again but society says no, you must be responsible and conform to the rules. He is sad, sad for the things he never got around to doing and letting time slip by unnoticed.

Keep trying, someone might hear you.

We are all on the same road, like it or not. Ninety percent of men will not pay attention to opportunities as they pass by and will float through life on a cloud. Ten percent will not be satisfied until they have changed the world to fill their desires. Which are you?

Happy Trails

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