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How to Avoiding Scams on eBay

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Here is a checklist that can save you a great deal of time and irritation. Following these few suggestion can help you avoid scams on eBay. First rule when purchasing anything on eBay is to only buy items that have a photo of the product displayed. This way you can be confident that the seller has the product, if there is no photo it is a sign that the sale is a fraud. You should also verify the photo with photos in a catalog since most scammers use imaged from other auction sites and catalogs available online. Photos that are taken professionally are clearer and have better lightning. The users selling history should be validated by you, generally on the feedback page, and is detailed in the following manner. Member since: Thursday, Jun 23, 2002 Location: United States.

Sellers who have been members for a long duration or new sellers but not active ones commit the most auction scams. If the merchant has only some feedbacks or latest feedback as a buyer and not as a seller this may perhaps be a hint of a scammer. It is not difficult to get feedback for buying items that are not expensive. Have a look at what the seller has been selling and buying on eBay.

The auction and feedback page are interlinked and can be seen at the right side of the page. Perform a search for the seller’s auctions and include the auctions that have been completed. If you wish to purchase a similar item that had been auctioned you can ask the previous buyer if he received the goods. The next step you must ensure is that the payment address and seller’s listed eBay address are similar. If not, it is strong sign that the seller is a scammer. If you wish to buy an expensive item from the seller you can call him, placing a bid on the item will reveal the seller’s contact details. If you are uncomfortable about buying an item from the seller you can contact the seller. This is an excellent way of avoiding scams on eBay.

You can always get advice regarding eBay buying and selling from well-informed sources. You should also get an outline of the worth of collectibles or antiques when buying it from eBay. This is because the collectibles are mass-produced and gives you the option of purchasing it from other reliable sellers. You must inform yourself of the items you wish to purchase on eBay by visiting antique displays and stores. This is because when you consider factors like costs of shipping, insecurity of the items condition then buying them locally falls cheaper than on eBay. This way you will not become a victim of eBay scams and make friends with people you share similar interests with.

You can also use popular search engines to get more information on the items you are interested in. At times you might stumble on the same item on an online store other than eBay at a cheaper price. Or it another possibility that may arise is that the item is common and you can purchase it a lesser risk from the online store. As a buyer you have the right to ask the seller questions of the item that you have bid for and even for more photos of the item so that you can be more certain of the transactions. This is another way of avoiding being scammed on the Internet. The way the seller takes payments can say a whole lot about him, if the preferred payment method is a wire transfer, or money order, Buyer Beware!

Another thing you can do is to check the different methods of payments accepted. It may be an eBay scam if the person selling you the goods takes payment only via wire transfers and money orders. Paying for the products using your credit card will provide you with extra protection. This is because a credit card transaction can be reversed if you contact the issuing bank. As there are exceptions to every rule there is also to the scam involved in wire transfers. Many ask for transfers to avoid the hassle of bounced checks, but if the seller insists on only a wire transfer and nothing else then you can be sure it is a scam.

You must also check the manner in which the ad is placed. This means reading into the ad to see if the seller seems keen to sell or also to understand how much he/she knows about the product they are selling. There are different aspects of the item that makes it valuable. If the color increases its value then always ask for a picture of the item and use a common household item that will provide you the contrast.

Find out about the sellers return policy. Most sellers sell with a no return policy, but some allow for returns provided the item was not described properly. A no return policy on an item does not mean that the product cannot be returned if it is misrepresented only that it becomes harder for you to make a claim with eBay.

Be Sure to Only bid on eBay items that you actually need. People have a tendency to bid for unnecessary items on eBay. People do this with the motive to resell at a higher price. You also tend to buy items out of ignorance, as you do not know enough about it before purchasing.

You must be aware of the sellers as his goal is to sell he will make use of colorful words to tempt the buyers. There are a few items that are rare to come by, but this forms a very small share and so you must be careful not to fall into the scarcity complex. Many time the item that you do not think exists anywhere else may be available at another store, or website.

As a buyer you must know how much you are willing to loose in an auction. It may be $10 or even $100. However it is up to you to determine this amount. This will depend on your personal attitude and goals and how much you think you can spend with little effect on you. Also know when you have to make a big deal about your losses. If it was a $50 auction you might as well let it go as it takes to much time and effort. What you can do is leave a harmful feedback and also file a complaint with eBay. A word of advice, do not provide the seller with a feedback until you have received your product and also satisfied with it. Not leaving a feedback will help you get a return if the item is different as compared to the description. If you are unsatisfied or the seller is not co-operative to rectify his mistakes always ensure that you leave a negative feedback. This is one of the ways you can warn off other bidders.

Using different eBay accounts to buy and sell will ensure that you do not get any negative feedback from retaliators. They are likely to do so when you leave negative feedback on their accounts. Another tip is to keep getting new accounts. There is no need to build a connection with one and continue with it for a long time. Once you get about 30 or 40 feedbacks start another account. Keep in mind that sellers can also use this tactic. If you are buying items on eBay from a company, be sure to use the scam tools available in the product-sourcing tool available at If the company has wronged a seller in the past, and the seller posted information online, their tool will find dirt on them. strictiond

When you have been scammed you must not threaten the seller. eBay has a policy against this and will suspend you with effect immediately. Many scammers make use of this policy to their benefit by provoking you to threaten. The minute you do they will send this mail to eBay upon which your membership will be cancelled. In this way even if you send a complaint it will not be accessed by eBay as they cannot view complaints of non-members.

One way of making sure that your mails are not threatening is to seek the help of a friend. This way you will know that your letter is polite and within the requirements of eBay. It could be that the seller has made a genuine mistake and not intentionally. This is why your first mail should always be polite.

When you are unhappy with your purchase there is no need to demand a lower price once you have the item. Always start by telling the seller that you would like to return the item. Asking for a lower price once the item is with you puts you in bad light trying to drive a hard deal and looking like the scammer instead.

Most of these issues are common on eBay. These are items that you will come across over and over again. So there is no need for you to rush to make a purchase instead you can take your time and wait for the right item and seller with the right price.



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