September 17, 2021 3:57 am

How to Avoid Purchasing Fake Designer Clothing

When shopping online these days we are often bombarded with a lot of choices of where to make our purchases from. There are auction websites like ebay, ioffer, and amazon which work in a platform similar to a flea market allowing any registered individual to sell items. Also, there are websites which are made on behalf of an established brick and mortar company. For example, Macy’s online store. Furthermore, there are and assortment of medium-sized websites which represent various resellers and retailers in many different areas. However, when it comes to purchasing designer clothing the decision of where to make your purchase is extremely important. The reason for this is the fact that a majority of designer labels being sold on the internet in any venue are counterfeit.

Here are 5 simple rules to avoid purchasing counterfeit items:

1) Look carefully at the price. If the price of an item is $50.00 and the normal retail price of the item is $1500.00, then either the seller is an extremely incompetent business person or the item is a knock-off, as the old addage goes: when you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras.

2) Reputation of the seller. If the seller is on eBay you can check their feedback. If it is under 1000 feedback and the price is a bit off then 99% chance you are looking at a replica item. If it is a website the domain date registration, professionalism of the design, whether there is a phone number, and many other factors can be checked to determine the reputation of the site. If you are not sure there are many forums online where members can give you advice on whether a site is a known counterfeit retailer. One important point, if a company is from china 100% chance the merchandise is counterfeit, end of story. Replica Designer Clothing

3) Pictures. If the pictures are blurry or fail to show details it is likely a fake. You can also find forums specializing in the brand and ask the members with the sellers pics in hand for item specific advice.

4) Sizes and Quantities available. If there is a rare Dolce & Gabbana shoe that costs $1000.00 in regular stores and this seller has every single shoe ever made by the brand in every size for $100.00 of course the items are replicas.

5) What other items does this seller sell. Does this seller sell a lot of highly counterfeited items? Examples include, brands like Louis Vuitton which dont offer wholesale or a mixture of designer clothing and counterfeit electronics, perfume etc. Commonsense needs to be used to make this judgement call.

All of these factors need to be carefully considered when purchasing designer clothing or any other brand named item for that matter. The internet is the perfect platform for selling replica items because the seller can mask themselves and make themselves appear more professional. Overall, it is better to only make shopping from reputable online stores who have invested time and effort into their online store.

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