September 17, 2021 3:04 am

Wear a Traditional Japanese Wedding Dress

With the growing number of people admittedly going crazy over Japanese culture, mostly because of anime, there are brides that are showing interest in wearing a traditional Japanese wedding dress at their anime or JAPANESE SILK WIG cosplay-themed wedding. It’s a wedding theme that is a bit on the unusual side but the wedding dress definitely is not. While it is also a beautiful white dress, there are quite a few things that make it different from the traditional Western wedding outfit. Plus, if the bride is seriously following Japanese wedding tradition, she’ll need two dresses, not one.

The first wedding dress is for the ceremony only and is called a shiro-maku. It’s a simple silk dress with absolutely no decorations because of its name, meaning white (shiro) and pure (maku). One unusual thing about this kimono is that the dress itself is so long that attendants need to help the bride hold it up. The bride is all in white, including her wooden clogs, socks and even her face, in order to advertise her maiden’s status to the gods. Another kind of kimono is used for the wedding reception. This kimono is called the uchikake and is an elaborately decorated, brightly colored silk kimono. It’s actually put on top of the shiro-maku and right after the ceremonies are over. Any color would be considered correct although the most popular one is red since it means luck and happiness.

The bride’s hair is put up in an elaborate hairstyle called the bunkin-takashimada which is, more often than not, a wig. It’s decorated with gold combs and hair accessories to bring good luck to the couple. During the ceremony, a white hood called the tsuno kakushi covers the bride’s hair. Actually, the name means “hide the horns of jealousy” and signifies that the bride is being married willingly and vows to be a pleasant and serene wife, despite her mother-in-law! The hood is taken off at the reception to show off the beautiful hairstyle. It’s not uncommon for them to change into another gown as well – a Western style one this time.


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