September 22, 2021 5:37 am

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Lets You Test Out Displays Before You Buy

Exhibit rentals are a great way to promote a business and find customers. If you are looking to sell or launch a product by renting an exhibition stand, the potential profit for your company is enormous. Don’t just hire the first exhibit rental that comes along though, remember to do your homework first to make sure it will suit your business and be value for money. HVAC Contractors

Potential exhibit rentals are found by looking through a search engine such as Google, if you know of an upcoming exhibition then you can also get in touch with the organizers to obtain further details of their exhibit rentals.

Important factors to consider when looking at exhibit rentals are the cost and the potential gain. Assess the cost to find out exactly what is included. Most of these are based on a square meter basis, so you need to rent enough space to make an impact but not too much, so that your stand looks empty and you are begging for customers to come along.

Does the cost also include the stand itself and any graphic materials that you will need? Your company logo and name must be on the graphic materials to make an impact and have potential customers wander over to your exhibit rental. It is also essential to have a back panel for your stand to keep any potential customers from being distracted.

If the cost does not include your graphics and back-stand then you will need to ask the exhibition organizers if they can recommend a company. Ideally you should also aim to include some form of visual advertising in your rental. A two-minute video will attract people to walk over to your store and express interest in your product.

Remember to check with the exhibition organizers of how many tickets they have sold. A stand costing over $1000 dollars is not going to make you a profit if only 100 tickets have been sold. Find out whether the exhibition is being widely promoted and the expected number of tickets to be sold.

Don’t forget to hire staff to work your stand for you, ideally you will need to have two members of staff as one staff member could be chatting to a potential customer for a long time. Toilet and lunch breaks will also be needed. The perfect way to waste money is to hire a rental and then lose potential customers because your one member of staff is on a lunch break.

Last but not least, you will need to make sure your customers have something to remember you by. Ideal giveaways at an exhibition are pens, mouse mats, mugs or a simple brochure. This not only helps the customer to remember you and your services but it is great promotion of your product and company.

Exhibit rentals are an excellent way to propel your business into the eyes of the public. Lots of successful businesses started off with exhibit rentals and now have a successful household name. If you are looking to sell or launch a product and increase awareness of your brand then exhibit rentals are the way to go.



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